‘Sunlight for Dreams’: Interview with Trailer Music News

I recently enjoyed a lovely interview exchange with Clothilde Lebrun from Trailer Music News! We discussed my creative process, musical backstory, how I experience being a recording artist and why I decided to start releasing new singles every month exclusively on my website. You can read the interview here. Lots of love - Xox - Fe

Falling In Love Again

I have experienced what it feels like to be alone, single, married (..and feeling even more alone), wishing for Prince Charming to ride in on his white horse, sweep me off my feet, and carry me away to a better life. I have lived various facets of experience regarding love; 4 marriages, 3 kids, single motherhood, and lots of hard knocks along the way. During my 3rd marriage, I finally learned that the fairy tale love I was longing for was within me. I finally reached deep inside the heart of my heart and gave myself the love I so much wanted to receive from a partner. I learned to love myself, trust myself and remove the walls I had built as barriers to receiving love. One of my favorite Rum

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