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 be transformed through the profound magic of your voice 

nce upon a voice

About Me

International Recording Artist, Musician,
Composer, Producer, Author, Teacher

y story


i grew up under the magic tutelage of my father who was definitely a wizard at his craft. he earned his phd in music and education administration, and was a very gifted singer and musician (could play any instrument). i started teaching voice alongside my father when i was in my early teens. it gave me a great foundation for teaching, and an enduring passion for the learning process. my mother is a talented pianist, and has always been very supportive of my education and dreams as well. i had further training with well known coaches, and studied various methodologies, but still had vocal limitations. i stayed curious and open to answers, and after many years of failing, i finally hit my "eureka" moment. i became so passionate about my own experience of vocal recovery and self discovery that i wrote a book about it called, "real singers don't sing." 

my methodology has expanded and evolved to include the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the voice. this unfolding allows me to use my intuitive gifts in a process i call earsight. my quest as a teacher is to bring more vocal awareness to public speakers, actors, singers, spiritual teachers, life coaches, vocal teachers, and basically, anyone who wants to use their voice more consciously. 

i believe that music is magic, and i have witnessed the transformational power of the voice. get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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"if you have been transported by the magic of music, i can help you to be transformed through the magic of your voice."



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Contact Felicia

shalon ironroad

author / consultant

felicia farerre has helped me uncover feelings and emotions that were buried deep inside of me beneath layer upon layer of "i'm doing just fine". these emotions -- though out of sight -- were affecting my life and my voice in a negative way. felicia, with her gentle and artistic approach, has guided me and taught me how to let those long-time companions go and train myself to live without them. I am a stronger and more whole person, thanks to felicia.


bridgette boudreau,

chopra center coaching program development manager

"my work with felicia has been beyond valuable, i now have another way to express myself and understand myself. the insights felicia offers are profound. she is clearly a talented musician, and an excellent coach."

jo blankenburg


felicia is a one of a kind vocal phenomenon and a powerful life coach. her sensibilities help you discover the true power of your voice. removing energy blocks so you can be your truest self and create a life free from stifling belief systems and social conditioning.

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