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My Ears Have Eyes

As a professional vocalist, I am also a professional listener. For me, these skills are inseparably linked.

Over the years I have developed deep, intuitive listening skills. These skills help me map and profile voices, allowing me the ability to pin point issues, and to offer insight and support to reprogram those issues. My favorite way to explain my listening process is to say, “my ears have eyes."

Every voice has a story inside it, and within each vocal sound is frequency that creates energy. Take Marilyn Monroe for example. She remains one of our worlds most famous sex symbols. Her voice carried the airy sweetness that stereotypically drives men crazy. Unfortunately, her voice also carried within it the sound of oppression, insecurity, and pain; a sound that an entire generation of women with low self worth, and pain related to.

The stories we hold in the file folders of our brain, translate to our voices, and our individual vocal sound carries the energy that creates our reality. This is an important understanding, especially in our ever growing cyber world. More often than not, I hear people via phone, or Skype before I ever see them, or meet them in person. Our written, and spoken voices are fast becoming the first impression others have of us.

I am deeply passionate about educating people to listen to themselves and others with more awareness, and to use their voices with more awareness. This is especially important for public speakers, as well as anyone using their voice for a living (singers, thought leaders, actors, voice talent, school teachers, receptionists, life coaches, CEO's, managers, attorneys, politicians, preachers, and the list goes on).

For me it is surreal to hear the voices of very influential people professing and teaching consciousness, yet their voices don't reflect consciousness. The voice doesn't lie, just like the body doesn't lie. Using the means of the voice, alongside the development of deeper listening skills, is a profound way to know yourself, become more conscious, and to express yourself authentically.

For more information, or to book a session, I can be contacted at:, or via my website:

Felicia Farerre / Professional vocalist, recording artist, author, teacher, dancer and dreamer.

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