Your Voice Is Magic

Your Voice Is Magic

Your voice is full of profound magic (..don’t let anyone tell you the contrary!). From my perspective, it is an absolute super power. All humans possess this power, but few access it. They believe the lie of the old stigma that says, only gifted people have the right to be heard. If you believe this, you are missing a magnificent opportunity to experience the transportation and transformation of vocal magic.


Above and beyond vocal technique, or anything I could suggest as important for you to understand regarding the rules of safe vocal production, is the dream we enter when we listen. It is from the listening that we are transported, inspired and in the end, willing to know how to access and use the magic of sound. If we are not inspired, and transported to a place of fantasy when we listen to a voice, another instrument, or a piece of music, there is not enough wonder in our wings to carry us through the portal of technical know how to get us to the other side. And the other side is where we experience the fullness of the magic. So, the first step to accessing the magic of your voice, is to be transported and carried away by whatever sound, voice, instrument or music that sings to your soul, and gives you the inspirational fuel you need to crawl, walk and eventually fly to the other side.


Once you’ve allowed yourself to be transported to your chosen fantasy through the portal of sound, you are already on the path of transformation. Transportation and transformation are different sides of the same coin. They both provide you with the ability to access your own magic, understand it and fully integrate it. When I think about this process, I think of the archetype of Sleeping Beauty; a maiden who is sleeping, and must have the kiss of the handsome prince to awaken. In this case, the maiden represents all humans, and the kiss of the handsome prince represents the means, or experience that takes us on the journey from unconsciousness to full awakening. Imagine yourself being kissed by the sweetest sounds, and watching your entire being held in an orb of light until it is fully transformed by the sheer beauty of the sound. This is how I experience the magic of music. Its seduction, and its call to action; the transformative process.

Transportation and transformation. Passive to active. These aspects are in essence the art of listening and using the voice as the vehicle for self awareness. I’ve never experienced anything more powerful than the magic of music to effectively teach me about myself. If you feel transported by the magic of music, I can help you to be transformed, through the magic of your voice.

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