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Stepping into Motherhood

I am the mother of three beautiful daughters. My entrance point for motherhood was unconscious, patterned behavior. I was not awake. It felt like I was stepping into shoes that were too big, and didn’t belong to me. Nonetheless, the shoes called to me. I tried them on like a child trying on her mother’s shoes. It was awkward, uncomfortable and I stumbled a lot. The stumbling, however, was the best thing that could have happened. It finally landed me on my face. Face down in the truth. I had to find my own way, stand up straight and walk, step by step, in my own shoes.

With the birth of each child, my world expanded into infinite territory. In giving life to my own DNA, the most profound echo and mirror, I could not help but see myself with more clarity and awaken more fully.

From my lens, the continuum and exchange between parents and children is alchemy in its most pure and powerful form; love. It is a force so immense that nothing remains the same in its light. Motherhood, parenthood, brings to the surface every, single, thing you need to make peace with within yourself. If you learn to see each thing your child shows you as a piece of yourself waiting to be renewed, this understanding is where awakening grows wings, and has long term benefit for you and for your children. It takes in the bigger picture of humanity. What we see and experience with others is showing us exactly what we need to work on, explore and renew within ourselves.

On my journey, I have learned that the role of motherhood can be expressed in many forms. Motherhood is not defined by the physical experience of having children. It is a powerful way to travel, yes, but it is not for everyone. There may be other shoes for you to step into for your individual path and journey. I’ve learned this through the process of vocal performance, giving birth to many songs, a book, and many other creative babies. I give thanks for each process that leads to the same understanding of being.

It took me many years, and sore feet, trying on lots of different shoes to understand that I didn’t have to do motherhood like everyone else. My feet still hurt just thinking about it. Motherhood has showed me my true north, and has given me the precious gift of self discovery. To say it frankly, my unconscious decision to have children brought me the gift of consciousness.

I give thanks for mothers, caregivers, and nurturing souls everywhere. Moreover, I give thanks for the children. They are the teachers and alchemists giving new life to the mothers who call them in, to remind them of who they really are.

I honor every person who is growing, nurturing and loving something into being. I give thanks for the divine feminine in each and every one of us. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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