In the Company of Angels : My Debut Solo Album

If you are following my posts about my new album, In the Company of Angels, then you know that a couple of nights ago, I listened to the entire album to see if it could quiet my nerves after two full days of Halloween activities. I wanted to give the album a proper test drive, to see how I felt when listening to the album as a listener, not as the producer of the music. I set the critical musician aside and allowed myself to become immersed in the music. It was a lovely experience. I felt the day melting off my tired bones. I felt the music elevating and renewing my energy. I felt a beautiful brush of sparkling energy in my physical body, as if being washed in shimmering, glowing magical waters of light.

By the last song of the album, I literally felt I was in the company of angels, and then impressions came forward, “own that you have done this work! Speak openly about your story and how difficult it has been for you to do this album by your own lights! Please express that from the shadows, the female energy must now emerge and shine! Talk about it and shine to illuminate the hearts, courage and lights of others, especially women."

After receiving this message, my eyes filled with tears. The message pointed to subjects I generally like to avoid. Like giving myself proper credit. It helped me to see myself through a different lens, a different vantage point. Suddenly, I saw a little ol' lady with big Celtic hair, her little creative corner, working away, day after day, ...reading, meditating, channeling the energies and melodies of the female Archangels, deep listening, allowing medicinal melodies to flow through her. I saw her writing, playing piano, arranging, recording, singing... repeat. She created an album of 11 songs, by herself, in 7 months. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The truth is, I have had a very difficult time owning/honoring my work over the years, and therefore, it has been a challenge to be properly honored for the work I've done. I have a tendency to put myself aside, hide, duck, and disappear. I have worked for so many years offering my light in the form of sound and words; my voice, melodies, and lyrics. But for too long I have allowed a cloak to be thrown over that light. This has been my main ancestral wound to mend. The message that came through the other night was very clear and confirming. I truly must honor myself and my gifts fully. Time to own all the energy, time and hard work I've put in to creating this beautiful new album!

While I am honoring myself, I want to properly thank and honor Calista for her part in this collaboration as well. She has faithfully held angelic, energetic space, and positive light while I created the album. She has also confirmed the specific energies of the female Archangels in the songs I've written, given feedback on song titles, and her blessing of approval for each song along the way. This was so important to me, as Calista has worked with the Angels for years. She has an in-depth connection and understanding that I respect and have reverence for. Her book, The Female Archangels was the spark that caught my spiritual eyes, and has been the beacon from the start of our collaboration. I thank Calista for her bravery in writing The Female Archangels, which marked the path for my own travels of bravery over the past 7 months.

To all my sisters out there, especially those in situations that are most challenging, I am here to tell you that you can still rise, find your way forward, and shine your light. It is a matter of walking a few steps forward each day and allowing a stumble or two or three or more. Be loving and gentle with yourself and just keep walking the path. Do what you can each day and honor your light, your gifts.

Alongside the message I received the other night, I sensed it was important to create a short video to honor myself; from past to present. To let my work speak for itself and to start introducing you to the me I've kept hidden for so long. Way too long.

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Don't die with the music still in you.” I have joking said that this is only a good idea if the music is great! Lol! All kidding aside, I am so happy to be sharing my unique voice, and the music of my soul with you. “Never too late to be what you might have been.” In the Company of Angels will officially take flight November 22nd, 2020.

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