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Over the last four decades, Felicia Farerre has made a name for herself, lending her signature vocal style to TV shows and commercials, films, movie trailers, and more. Her talent was rewarded when she won 'Best Female Vocalist' by Trailer Music News in 2013 and was nominated for an HMMA in 2016. Additionally, she achieved the proud feat of being the lead vocalist of the Taliesin Orchestra and having their work reach number one on the Billboard Charts.


Felicia has written lyrics and crafted melodies for Star Sky and You Are Light (Tracks composed by Thomas Bergersen) as well as Vanquish's title track (composed by Nick Phoenix) and Wild Heart on the Two Steps from Hell Unleashed album.


To help aspiring vocalists improve their sound and performance, Felicia self-published a unique vocal training program called Real Singers Don't Sing in 2013.


More recently, she created the Epic Women project - which aims to raise awareness of female talent in epic, soundtrack, and media music genres while supporting COEEF - a women's charity organization - through album proceeds. Epic Women's album, The Shero's Journey, was released on February 1, 2022, in cooperation with Warner Chappell Production Music, Germany / Elbroar. Here is an interview between Felicia and Warner Chappell Production Music, UK, about the Epic Women project.


With a background in different genres of music and years of experience working with top composers and producers, Felicia's vocal work and compositions stand out among the crowd.

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